Our saviour Mewse

About the church of Mewse

The Church of Mewse was founded in the year 2001AD in order to provide a safe, healthy and unified environment for its faithful followers. We believe in Beer for the common man and in happiness through Mewsenicity. We believe we have much to offer the community, through our blood drives (not associated with any public organisation), our member-built and funded playgrounds (use at your own risk), and the annual Festival of the Mewse, held every December 25th.

About the Festival of the Mewse

The Festival of the Mewse is held every year on December 25th. We celebrate the spirit of Mewsenicity through "eggnog", Mewseness carols, gift giving and MewseFest Trees. Many followers of Mewse take this date off work as a religious holiday. We think you should too! Join us!

Our Staff

This is our pastor, Father James E. Davidson. He is a graduate from Texas Mewse Seminary. Please notice his hot daughter, Katarhyne. She is a slut.
This is one of our less faithful followers. We found him during a church softball game, gave him clothes and shelter, and he has never left. He will not tell us his real name, and calls himself "Arioch". He scares the entire congregation on Sundays.
This is Jonathan Rimmer and his wife, Suzanne Rimmer. They are wealthy philantrophists who have no idea what the Mewsenic Lifestyle is all about. However, we welcome their contributions. Great job, Jon!
This is Andy Kempling, our Youth Reform Advisor. He has studied many successful ancient methods of reforming criminals, and has updated them to use on todays youth! With such talent, it is a wonder that we have held on to him for so long.
This is Andrew Stine, he helps with the counselling services offered by the Church of Mewse. Come to us in your time of need and we promise we can help you see the light. Andrew Stine and Andy Kempling, above, collaborate on their methods for reformation.
This man refuses to have his real name disclosed on this web page, but to most he is known as "Dream Destroyer", with his girlfriend "Nikki". I don't know how they enticed those children into the picture with them, but they look like they'd taste good with some nice garlic sauce.
These men were found hanging around an "IRC" channel. They claim they know Mewse, but we all know it is impossible to truly understand Mewse. The weird guy with the dark glasses calls himself "B1ister".. We seem to have a lot of people in the church who refrain from using their real names.